Friday, July 20, 2012


No, this post is not about a visit with Brit.  There are none on the horizon.

Instead, I am sitting here today thinking about how happy I am for two of my blog world friends who are having family time together this week.

A first mother friend of mine is spending almost a full week with her son and his parents at her house.  They live several states apart and visits are hard to come by as all of the adults work and have to synchronize their schedules to make visits happen.  My friend has been posting occasional photos and videos and I find myself going back to her FB page over and over, just to make sure I haven't missed any pictures.  My heart is filled with joy for all of them as they get to spend so much time together with the sweet little one year old who means the world to all of them. Big sister included (she is being parented by my friend).  

This visit is also the first time the birth father has seen his son since the 30 minutes he had with him at the hospital after his birth.  Looking at photos of him holding his son just melts my heart.  They also took a picture of the two children holding hands while they are asleep, and I must say it made me cry to see siblings who have been reunited.

Another dear family I have gotten to know (and also love) is celebrating their 6 year old daughter's birthday this week.  As part of their annual tradition they have flown her birthmother in so she can be with them for several days.  Their adoption is very open and the little girl talks to her birthmother via Sk.ype every week.  My favorite quote was said by the daughter as she talked to her little sister (who is also adopted and enjoys an open adoption too).  Little Ally must have been aggravated with her sister trying to get some attention, because she looked at her sister and said " "Cristina is MY BIRTHMOTHER Jessie!" To which her mother replied that "family is for everyone".  I LOVED IT!

I am so glad these families are getting some special time with each other.  It fills my heart with joy.


BumbersBumblings said...

Awe!! precious!! (((hugs))) for you today, my friend!

birthmothertalks said...

Very sweet. If only all people in adoption would get past the fears and akwardness and be more open to letting adoption create a big family.

Kellie said...

You are always so positive in the face of such heartbreak. You are awesome, and a much better person than I.
It must be the time of year for visits. Who knew? My daughter gets to see her daughter next week for the second time in 2 years. The baby is 2 now. I think a little younger than your daughter.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog, and I just wish that you had the open relationship you want with your daughter and her family. We adopted our son 3 1/2 years ago. We see his birthmom once a year and talk often. We are actually flying his birth sister out to stay with us for a week. We are so excited for them to spend this precious time together. As they grow, they are going to need each other, and appreciate the time they have together. I hope that your relationship changes for the better so you and your kids can enjoy and open relationship.

Debbie said...

That's wonderful! I love the story about the 6 year old. How great that they fly her in. We have offered to fly our daughters birthmom over but like you said busy adults.
As we look at adopting our second through foster care I often wonder if we will be able to have a similar open adoption as we do with our first.

Jennifer said...

Your ability to celebrate the joys of others, despite what you are suffering, is an inspiration for us all. You really are such a warm and positive person.

GondolaQueen said...

I love the "Family is for everyone" quote. That brought tears to my eyes, because that's the way I was raised, and I wish more families could see that too. Thank you for making my day with this post.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am here, reading your blog. I have read from the beginning. And I have been praying for you. I realize reading your blog that we have some of the same friends. It really is a small world, in our hurt. Hugs to you.

I am happy that you have support that you know about. I just wanted to let you know to add me to the list of the people praying for you and Brit.

Much love,