Friday, July 6, 2012

Two mothers, one daughter

I read My Daughter Has Two Mothers this morning.  I cried.

She gets it.  And because this mother gets it, her daughter gets it all.  She can love two families without guilt.

My favorite part of this post is that it was the CHILD who made the mother realize that there is no reason to wait to know her birth family.

And the part of post where she talks about how her daughter gave her birth mother a necklace that said MOTHER and she kept the half that said DAUGHTER just made me cry harder.



Susie said...

What a great story that is! I wish so very much that Brit's parents could read this and KNOW the truth in the words. There is no such thing as too much love in a child's life!!

Debbie said...

What a beautiful story. I love that she insisted on meeting her and including her birth family on her family tree.

Anonymous said...

This will teach me to read your blog at work.
Praying for you, Lisa...always.

mandajane32 said...