Monday, January 10, 2011

We will always be here.


Today I felt like I needed to actually write and tell you how much your birthfather and I love you.  While we chose different parents for you, you are always with us.  Every day we speak your name.  We wonder what you are doing.  We wonder about your little personality and wish we could spend some time with you.

We keep a baby book that is all about you.  Each month we get an email from your parents and they include photos.  We make a scrapbook page with as many pictures as we can.  I make a photo collage every month too that he and I have displayed in our homes.  The boys love to look at the pictures of you.  D has a little pink photo album that says "Little Sister".  Sometimes it makes me cry to look at it, but mostly it makes my heart happy to know that he and the other boys all think of you as their sister, in spite of the different parents.

We all love you very much and can't wait for the day that your parents let us see you again.  We want to include you in our lives.  We still love you so much.  So much in fact, it hurts.

I read about adoption every day.  And the saddest stories to me are those where the birthparents stop contact with their child and his/her family.  We will never disappear.  We want to be here for you.  For everything that we are allowed to share.  We don't want to miss a thing.  And we hope someday that we will be able to share parts of your life with you.

But until then, we will continue to love you in our hearts and pour over your pictures.  And we will be thankful for the stories that we do get to hear from your parents.  It gives us great joy to see and hear how happy you are.  That is exactly what we wanted for you.

We love you very much!


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harriet glynn said...

I don't know any of the details of your adoption but I hope that your daughter's adoptive parents reconsider and open contact. We adopted a lovely little guy at birth from a young couple who are still together and we see them every three months. I email weekly updates. I can't imagine denying him access to his birthfamily. To what end, he, like Brit, will want to know who you are and where she came from at some point. I can also tell you that, as you know, it's really hard at the beginning to bond when there are two other parents right there grieving. It's just very emotional. It's not an excuse because I think we all shed a lot of tears at the beginning but I think and I hope that we are all starting to come out of it and trust that we will always be in each others lives. No one is closing anything ever.