Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An amazing woman

I rarely watch TV except for the nightly news, but last night I got sucked in.  Just like millions of others.  I watched the Oprah "family secret" show.  And now we know that Oprah has also been touched by adoption.  Her mother is a birthmother.

Two things that struck me.
1. I wanted to shake Oprah's mother and ask her what is going through her head that she would deny meeting her daughter when she requested over and over again!
2. Oprah's half-sister Patricia is obviously a beautiful Christian woman filled with forgiveness and grace.

As a birthmother, I am appalled that another birthmother would NOT want to have contact with a child who is desperately reaching out to her.  Especially since she is not exactly living a pauper's life.  Her daughter is one of the wealthiest and successful women in our society.  And this is not a secret that is going to go away.  I have decided that I would need to know the mother better to understand what she is thinking.  And it is not mine to judge.

So instead, I want to talk about Patricia, the daughter relinquished to the state.  She was a victim of poor choices by the adults in her life. She has every right to be angry, hurt and bitter.  But from all appearances, she is not.  She seems to have a kind heart, sincerely concerned for the well-being of all the family who has just found out about her.  She could have sold her story.  Especially after her birthmother hurt her so badly when she repeatedly declined to meet her.  But she didn't.  She trusted God through the entire process.  She believed that God would provide for her.  A girl who was seemingly abandoned trusted God to provide for her.  To guide her through this process.  And her children acted the same way.

I hope and will pray that Patricia's faith and forgiveness will change Oprah and her mother.  I hope Oprah will see that there is one divine God, who is alive and cares for each of us.  And those who have a relationship with Him can have peace and forgiveness for human wrongs, even when the world would think they shouldn't.

Patricia, you are a beautiful woman, and no matter how the rest of this story works out with your birthmother, I will continue to admire you and your faith and perseverance.

Isn't God good!

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