Monday, January 2, 2012

Lighthearted update non-adoption related

I was thinking this weekend that I never updated all my readers about what happened to the men who made their way to my blog during the 'finding myself' months when BF and I were not together as a couple.

Some of the stories are good so here we go.

I went out a couple of times with an older gentleman who had been a friend of mine for a couple of years. He was very nice but I had no romantic chemistry with him. He tried for months to try to continue a relationship with me but I was just not interested. I am glad to report he has found love and I am so happy for him.

Then there was the guy from Nashville. I flew out there to spend a weekend with him and it was a fun experience. We kept up a long distance phone/text relationship after that and had he not been crazy, it might have worked out. ;-) He really is crazy. Certifiably. I ended things with him citing that we had different expectations. I expected him to be nice to me, and he expected me to tolerate his psychotic behavior. It just didn't work out. He has texted me about three times since then telling me he misses me. Whatever...

Then there was 'my guy'. He was so good to me and my kids and we had a great time together. He had been a friend for a couple of years too. Once we started dating we were inseperable. But for those who might remember, he was collateral damage when BF came back to me and told me he wanted to reconcile and build a life together. But my guy's story is the best of them all.

My guy was devastated when we broke up and I felt so bad. But it appears I was a stepping stone for him to find his love. Turns out he and one of my dearest friends started talking when we broke up (like 10 days later). And as they say, the rest is history. They now live together and he is the hero that she has been waiting for. He is great to her kids, who needed a daddy, and he is super affectionate which is exactly what she wanted. I still have to double take when I look at their profile pics on FB because it is a bit strange to me to see them together. But, they deserve all the happiness in the world, so I moved past it.

And finally, my favorite story for sick and twisted reasons. The firefighter. The man who pursued me and 'forgot' to mention that he was married. When I called him out on being married we stopped talking. However his last text message to me was "I think you're special." or something to that effect. Well... he accidentally sent that text message to his WIFE instead of me. And that my friends started the ball rolling.

He ended up confessing to her that he had stared a 'friendship' with me and she was clear with him that was inappropriate and it landed them in counseling. YAY! I have only spoken to him once since that text message exchange with me, but it was then that he told me about what had happened with his wife and he also apologized to me for not being truthful with me.

I am hopeful that this is a changing point in their relationship and that they can repair what had obviously not been working. I am so glad I had nothing to regret in that relationship. I was an unknowing player and got out before it got super ugly.

So there you have it. The rest of the story.

Re-reading all of the above makes me really realize how I am so glad that my story has ended how it has with BF. It is the ending I have always hoped for. And I am happy.

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amazing how the Lord uses us in each other's lives!