Thursday, January 19, 2012

Check out Love Is Not a Pie

Sometimes someone says something so profound that there is no reason to change a single bit of it.

I could read Rebecca Hawkes blog all day long.  She is amazing. He blog today deals with the question Is open adoption disruptive to adoptive families? Her post is short and poignant.  I hope you hop over there and take a look.

And if you are an advocate for open adoption, like me, you will be hooked.  Rebecca is super cool.

She lives the talk.  She herself is an adoptee, parenting both an adopted child and a biological child.  And did I mention she maintains a relationship with her daughter's first mother, even though her daughter came to their family through the foster system?...  Yes, she is that cool.


MommySquared said...

The Adam Pertman Quote needs to be shouted from the rooftops!

Wishing more families would just give it a try and see how awesome it can be to become family with your child's birth family and beyond!

Venessa said...

You are right, she is cool! I love reading her posts! Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Jewls said...

I found your blog somewhere along the blog hop! Love this post you linked to, thanks for sharing!