Thursday, August 2, 2012

The curls


While your curls might be a bit unruly right now, hopefully some day you will embrace the beauty that you have with that head full of think blonde curls.

I know what growing up with curly hair is like (and your aunts have even curlier hair than me, so they REALLY know).  Most of the time I straighten my hair for work or going out.  But sometimes I just let it dry naturally and I let my hair be as wavy/curly as it wants to be.

Today was one of those au naturale days.  I was walking through the office and someone stopped me and said "I love when you leave your hair curly!"  It made me think of you and your bountiful, beautiful blonde curls.

I hope you can love those beautiful curls!

We love you and think about you every single day!

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