Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Encore

I was just reminded of something precious that happened after I had given birth to Brit.

I was laying in bed snuggled up with Brit in my arm and her birthfather was on the other side of us.  He and I were talking about how surreal it was that we were there.  Looking down at the only daughter either of us would ever have.  We talked about how we were closer to 40 than we were to 30.  And how neither of us would have ever guessed that we would be holding a brand new child of our own at this point in our lives.

Her birthfather looked down at our precious sleeping baby girl and said "You Brit, are our encore!"

I just laughed.  How right he was.  Brit was our encore.  And while she was a finale for her birthfather and me, she was a new beginning for her parents.

It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Brit sleeping while snuggled with her birthfather.  A beautiful encore indeed!


A Life Being Lived said...

I really love this story! How special it will be to share it with Brit when she is older.

birthMOM said...

thats beautiful! fantastic sentiment! luv it