Sunday, November 6, 2011


Had a busy weekend enjoying the 'new' relationship with BF.  Not sure where he found all of this attentiveness, but I LOVE it.  It is like dating a new man, but with 2.5 years of history together.  I almost hate to speak of it out loud for fear of jinxing it, but it has been so very nice.

So while sitting at one of D's football games this weekend, I receive a text message with photo from BF.  And what is the picture of?... BRIT!

Apparently her dad sent BF this picture of her playing in gma and gpa's backyard.  It is adorable.  But it is the fact that he sent it that is so overwhelming to me.

Brit's dad was thoughtful enough to send a quick text with a picture of Brit to us, unrequested and unexpected.  They have never ever sent us a picture via text before.  All of our correspondence has been via email and according to schedule (for the most part).

But yesterday, out of the blue, a cute picture of sweet little Brit playing in the dirt.  I wanted to cry tears of joy.

That is exactly what I have wanted.  To have the kind of relationship with them that they would automatically thing to share an adorable picture with us, for no other reason than because they know we would love it as much as they do.

Then to top off the evening, we also received an email from Brit's mom with photos of Brit from Halloween.  She sent us pictures, not according to schedule, but because she knew we would like to see them, in response to BF's email to them on Halloween.  She also sent a nice, quick message.

I cannot describe the joy it brought me.

It is amazing how much peace it also brought my distraught soul.  To have an interaction that appears to be friendly and sincere.  I can hardly stand how full it makes my heart feel.

Progress, in the right direction for once.

I am so very happy.


m&msmommy said...

That is one precious, beautiful little girl! :)

I am SO happy for you, SO unbelievably happy. I can't imagine the true joy those simple gestures brought you! What a blessing!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! She is so precious! I hope they continue to open up and share with you.

On Loan From Heaven said...

Oh Lisa... amazing news! God answers prayers.... even if this answer just holds you off for a while longer; we'll just keep praying this is the start of a new relationship. Thanks for sharing, friend!

MommySquared said...

I am so excited for you on many levels ...

Monika said...

I'm SO happy for you that you got those pictures and unrequested interaction! That's awesome. <3 She's adorable, btw.

Nan said...

This is wonderful! Congratulations!

Bumber's Bumblings said...

so awesome!! What a fabulous step in the right direction!! Yipppee!!

Kelly L said...

How wonderful!!! I'm stopping by from the interview project. What a beautiful daughter you have! I hope things continue moving in a positive direction!