Thursday, November 17, 2011

There are good men in adoption

Just a quick thing I thought about today.

I love that BF and Brit's father have a relationship.  Albeit a manly relationship which includes little talk about feelings, just sports talk and casual interaction.

They text and email each other about Brit's dad's coaching experiences and about football.  You know, boy stuff.

But when the going gets tough, it is those two who calm the mommas and work together to figure out a solution.  It usually includes a beer, but I love that too.  When the going gets tough, they step up.

I don't have to tell BF to be involved.  He will make a first move.  Now, he doesn't do it often, but that is the difference between an impulsive Lisa and a calculated BF.  He shows through actions that he is committed to being a good birthfather to our daughter.  She is one of his own, even if she is growing up in another home.

I am lucky that I have a BF in my life who wants to stay connected to his daughter's father.  And even more lucky that our daughter has a father who is willing to communicate with us directly.

Men in adoption get very little credit.  I am proud of the two men in my adoption relationship.  Both of them are willing to show that they love that little girl.

It makes my heart happy.  Brit is very lucky.

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Mama C/Catherine said...

What a simply beautiful and astute post.