Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brit's OBC

After Brit was born, I sent off to get her birth certificate.  Because adoptions in Kansas are not completely final until 30 days after TPR, I had a short window of opportunity to be legally entitled to it.

So I made my online request and paid the fee.

Around the time she was legally adopted by her parents, I received it in the mail.

Because I did that, my daughter will always have her OBC.  No legal system can prevent her from getting it, because I got it for her.  Thankfully my state will allow her to get it when she is 18, but if she ever wanted to see if before then, her birthfather and I have it in our hands.

I am so glad I did that.  So glad I had the mental clarity during the darkest hours of my life to realize I could and should get her birth certificate.

It now rests protected in BF's safe deposit box.  And we have a scanned copy of it too, just in case.

It makes me so happy to look at it and see her name with BF's last name.  And to see our names listed as her mother and father.

Looking at it reminds me of the nasty registrar who insisted I give her my last name.  BF was sitting right next to me, and she made a big stink about how a baby born to an unwed mother should have the mother's last name.

Thankfully I was not an impressionable teen mother.  I looked at her and said that he is her father and we want her to have his last name.  I also told her that even though he didn't have to, I wanted him to sign it.  I wanted Brit to have both of our signatures on that birth certificate.

She silenced and we filled it out exactly how we wanted it.

So there birth registrar.

It is amazing how much a simple birth certificate document can mean to a person.

Now if only everyone could have access to their OBC...

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MommySquared said...

how wonderful for all of you that you got the OBC ... we had been told to get our girls OBC too before the amended would be sent. Like you we have put away in a safe place each of our girls' OBC and what we LOVE about it is that it shows the names they have are the names we all gave them together the only difference in the change in last names from their birth mother to us ...
It is treasured and like you said everyone should be able to get their OBC in every state!