Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is tough on mommy

L pitching
I am uploading a huge artwork file to my billboard company so I have a minute to spare before I have to head out to D's baseball game.

Man is this a busy time of year for the mother of boys.

L and D both play baseball.  Lots and lots of it.  Every night we have a game or practice.  That alone is exhausting.

Both boys bowl on a league.  I shuttle them back and forth to the bowling alley on my lunch hour.

D has started football workouts and skills camp.   This is mornings and evenings.

L will start middle school basketball camps next week.

J is working at our local water park as a lifeguard. When he is not working he simply eats me out of house and home.  And oh yeah, he brought home a guinea pig last week that is 'our' new pet.  Before I went to bed last night, I was cutting matted hair from the new friend's backside.  Yes, it is a long haired critter of all things.

Work is over the top busy.  I work in the recreation field and as one would guess, summer is crazy busy season.  As I type this I have been at my desk for almost 10 hours today.

I am the director of operations for a college baseball team that plays about 50 games throughout a two month period.  Thank heavens I have a very capable intern helping this year.  Otherwise I would be certifiably crazy.

We eat meals in the car.  Sometimes meals include chips and salsa, Popsicles and Gatorade.

My house has not been vacuumed in two weeks.

I do keep up with the laundry, simply because I am constantly washing uniforms. And wet towels.  So many wet towels.

The Princess baby has to run around with us all weekend long as we go to tournaments, run errands, attend bday parties and spend time at church.

D qualified for Hershey Track and Field State Games in all 3 events he participated in.  That will take us out of town next weekend for two days. 

Just typing all of this makes me tired.

But I am off to the ball field.  In high heel sandals and dress clothes.  Running late - of course.

At least I will be able to sit in a chair and watch the game.  That will be my one hour of rest.


Anonymous said...

:) I'm sure you looked FAB-U-LOUS in those high heels :) You go Superwoman, YOU amaze ME! As I said to you this weekend....WHEN do you breathe?

A Life Being Lived said...

Ok I now vow to call my mother and thank her.........I had many guineapigs growing up and the last two were long-haired. I'm sure I "occasionally" helped with them but I'm pretty certain that my mother was the one who actually took care of them. xoxo

j said...

I happened upon your blog several months ago and though have no direct connection to your experience, have been reading it ever since. It is apparent to me that you are a smart, beautiful woman who made a difficult, self-less decision for your daughter. I pray God will grant you peace with your decision and that you will find the love and joy you deserve.