Friday, January 11, 2013

This is love

Rebekah Pinchback who blogs at Heart Cries could be one of my greatest adoption superheros. (Yes, I have a list, which I will share throughout this upcoming year.)

I really don't have words that can express the depth of love and respect that I have for this woman who I have never met in person.

If all adoption relationships were like her relationship with her son Ty's relationship, the tears and grief of adoption would be so lessened.

I know God has a special place prepared in heaven for Rebekah and her husband.

I might weep all day long thinking about this amazing post about how Rebekah is delighted that her preschool age son has chosen to call his birthmother MOM too.

Rebekah Pinchback you are an amazing mother.  God's unselfish love radiates through you.


J said...

Seriously, agreed. She is amazing. I left a comment on her post too. But I am just so thrilled that adoptive parents like her exist. (And I'm not even a first mom!)

m&msmommy said...

THATS IT...I came to your blog through a comment you left on Rebekah's blog way back when! :) She is absolutely amazing! She makes me want to be a better mother because she just seems so kind, sweet, down-to-Earth and awesome! I can't wait to go and read this post as I haven't read it yet!

Rebecca said...

I read her blog earlier today and thought of you immediately. I so hope and pray you'll have a relationship with Brit one day. She's one of my adoption superheros, too and I certainly have learned a lot as an adoptive (and biological) mother from her.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Brit's parents would read this blog. This family is amazing and I really think it would open their eyes to what a gift a truly open adoption would be for Brit.

birthmothertalks said...

I loved that post too.