Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There Can Never Be Too Much Love

In an attempt to highlight the good in open adoption I want to share the following blog post written by an adult adoptee.

Death by Great Wall: There Can Never Be Too Much Love:

Susan describes why I will continue for my entire lifetime to reach out to my daughter and her family.  Because all we want is to be able to love her and support her.  Because we too believe what Susan calls out here...

"What I would like adoptive parents to know is that the adopted person has two families, recognized or not, and battles about which is more important are non-productive and can be corrosive to the adoptee's soul. As a grown adoptee, my message is simple: love is and should be expansive, and there can never be too much."

We love you desperately Brit and want you to know that our love will be unconditional and abundant.  And while you might be kept from knowing our love for you first hand for many years, we continue to nurture that love, preparing it for the day that we can pour it over you.


Venessa said...

Love is expansive and no one can ever have too much! What a beautiful post Lisa! I just want you to know that you continue to open my eyes and teach me as an adoptive momma. I am so inspired by you and thank you for sharing your heart...even if it is hard at times.

Dana@DeathbyGreatWall said...

Lisa - Thanks so much for linking to Susan's post on my blog. That's how I found you, and I'm so glad I did. I just followed your blog and look forward to learning from all you have to share.