Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Brit

Just wanted to write you a quick letter to know how you were a part of our family Thanksgiving, even though you weren't actually present.

I was way ahead this year when it came to Christmas cards and I brought a Christmas card for all of our family members to our family Thanksgiving dinner.  Inside the cards for your grandparents, I had our card with pictures of all the boys and I also included a precious photo of you for each of them.  They loved it! 

We all stood around the kitchen table and talked about how much you look like BF and me.  Your eyes, your hair, your smile.  You are the spitting image of both of us.  Both of your grandmothers studied your face and talked about all the ways that they could see the similarities to our families.

I also brought some extra pictures of you that we laid on the table that we all looked at from time to time.  Even the cousins and your brothers would pick up the photos and talk about how adorable you are.  We all think you are pretty amazing.

We wish that you could know all of us.  And we are holding out hope that someday your parents will allow you to know us.  But just because you don't get to come and spend time with us doesn't mean that we don't talk about you all the time.  We have your pictures everywhere and we let people who visit our house know that the beautiful girl in the photo on our end table is you, our precious daughter.

You are very special to us and we love you very much.  And this Thanksgiving we are thankful for you.  And we continue to hope and pray that soon you will know us too.

We love you so very much and we continue to hold out hope that we will be allowed a relationship with you soon!


Lisa, BF and all of your extended family


Anne said...

Such a sweet letter. I so wish my daughter's first mom wanted to have the relationship with us that you want with Brit and her adoptive family.

MommySquared said...

I love this letter and all those you have written for your daughter ...

m&msmommy said...

As I was praying this morning for your family, I thought to myself, as I often do, "Gosh, I really hope that I'm friends with Lisa forever, because I can't wait to be a part of the day that Brit is reunited, forever (not just once a year) with her family!" What a joyous, beautiful day it will be! And although none of us know when it will be, just know that I'm certain it will happen, and she will know how much you all love her!!! :)

Love and prayers,