Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taking a road trip

BF and I are taking the boys on a road trip starting tomorrow.  We really hoped we could make it a weekend get away, but with all the sports the boys play, that will NEVER happen.  Turns out it will only be an overnight, but at least we are making the effort.

The big boys and BF will watch a couple of Big 12 basketball games Friday night, while I keep the little boys at Great W.olf Lo.dge where they will play in the water park.  We may even pop over to Dave and Bu.sters for a game night as we wait for the big ones to get back to the hotel (which will be LATE).

I don't know if they are more excited about the trip or if they are just excited because they get a day off school.  Probably a little of both.

Now, if we can just talk one of the big boys into skipping his 9:30am soccer game so we don't have to leave at 6:00am Saturday morning to get back in time!!!!  Even if he agrees, we have to be back for a 12:30 baseball game, a 1:00 soccer game and another baseball game at 3:30.  No rest for us!!!

As for the adoption world, still waiting to hear back from Brit's parents about the possibility of a pre-birthday visit with them.  Hopefully they agree and it can happen really soon.  Her birthday is the 25th which appears to be quickly approaching.

And for the record, March is a tough month for my heart.  Lanman, D and Brit all have birthdays in March, just days apart.  It is bittersweet to celebrate with the boys and not be able to have a birthday celebration with Brit.


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Anonymous said...

I pray you get to celebrate with Brit....