Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes sons, we talk about everything

I have been quiet on the blog lately.  I think it is because there are no new words to say.

Normal in my adoption world is silence.

I suppose that quiet indicates that everything is status quo.

So for a personal life update instead.

I am happy to report that the relationship between BF and me is everything I hoped and prayed for.  He is attentive to me and inclusive to my children.  We are acting like one big family and we are all very comfortable. I am so very thankful for all of this.  My soul is at peace now.  I feel content, happy and loved.

Our boys run us ragged all week long.  With sports practices, games and meets (3 playing basketball, 2 playing baseball, 1 in competitive indoor soccer, and 1 just finished with wrestling), we find that our every free minute is spent preparing for the next obligation.  And yet, our bleacher time is some of the greatest joy we have.

Which reminds me of something I thought of today as I took D to lunch.  I love my car time with the boys.  (OK, maybe not all the time, as some of their more memorable brotherly fights have happened while I was trying to drive.)  But for the most part, those moments, especially when I am alone with only one of the children, I find that we can have some amazing conversations.

I know all about middle school drama.

I know all about 5th grade drama.

I hear lame jokes.

I know that recess and PE are still every boy's favorite part of their day.

I only half listen as they talk about video games.

I laugh as they sing along with songs on the radio.

We eat dinner together (yes, in the car).

I crack up listening to them tell each other about their days and what they think was important.

They learn about me.  More than they want to know.

The boys were in the car with me the other day and D said, "Our family talks about everything, don't we?"

Yes sons, we talk about everything.  Probably more than we should.  But I love it.

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MommySquared said...

LOVE! So happy for you ... reading this post made me smile for you :)