Friday, February 17, 2012

My Valentine's Day

Just a couple of cute pictures from Valentine's Day.

First is the gift we received from the boys.  Nana (BF's mom) helped all 4 of them make these sugarful delights for us.  

The cookie on the left was for me from my boys, the one on the right for BF from his boys.  

As a side note about Nana, she also made cookies for my ex and BF's ex so the kids could give them a Valentine treat too.  To add even more admiration that I have for her kind spirit, she drove my two boys to the fire station to give their dad his cookie.  Not even kidding.  BF's mother, took MY boys, to THEIR dad's work to give him a gift.  AMAZING!  She has such an inclusive heart.

And now for the typical brotherly interaction.  When stopping by to pick up their video game system that they left at their dad's house, the boys found what little snow we had left in a drift in his front yard.  As you can gauge from their attire (sweatshirts only), the snow was well on its way to melting.  It was only on the ground for about two days.  This could possibly be the only snow picture we will have for the entire winter.  (I LOVE KANSAS WEATHER!)

Disclaimer:  Neither child was harmed during this snow massacre.  This is how they show affection, I'm convinced.


Take this!

A snow facial

Back at you!

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m&msmommy said...

Those cookies look delicious!

What an amazing, awesome woman BF's mom seems to be. A lot of people could learn from her with that sort of inclusive heart! What a good example she is all to all of your boys! :)