Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine package sent

I put together a Valentine package for Brit and mailed it yesterday with the hope that she would get it today, right on Valentine's Day.  Since we are only one town away, generally mail gets to them the day after I send it, so I tried to time it right.

Here is a peek at what we sent.

I hope it makes Brit happy.  Even though she has no idea who we are, I want to bring her joy, even if it is anonymous.

And what little girl wouldn't love a conversation hearts necklace and bracelet?  Or mini jelly beans?  And a new Elmo book?

The boys and I continue to pray that someday we will be giving these small gifts to her in person.  But until then...

We love you Brit.


On Loan From Heaven said...

You're such an amazing mama... to your boys and to Brit. They're lucky to have you :-)


Anonymous said...

You are one of the sweetest ladies I've never met..I just know I would love you and your children if we met. My heart breaks for you and the hurt you go through. My neice adopted a little girl three years ago, and they all have such a beautiful relationship. She brings her to see her grandparents and her biological mother. I so wish you could have the same. I really feel that one day Britt's adoptive mother will get it. If only she could realize she has nothing to fear, and she would probably be happier and more at peace herself if she would allow a REAL open adoption...Keep praying and take care of your boys...Sue