Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two years ago today

Obviously this is not me on the phone and there was no
hot man in the waiting room as I made my call.
 Two years ago today I was sitting in the hospital with my youngest son as he battled some undiagnosed virus.  He was very sick and it just had to run its course. 

I was tired, pregnant and still reeling from all the decisions I had made and still had to make regarding this unplanned pregnancy (which at that point was still a secret to everyone but me and BF).  Top that off with 3 days in the hospital with a sick child, and an ex-husband who was in and out of the hospital with us, I was a bit frazzled.

But it was this exact day two years ago, I had a very important call to make.  And I knew that it could not wait any longer.  So I excused myself from my child's room, went to the waiting room and called Brit's future parents. 

I got her mom on the phone and apologized for the late phone call (we had promised to call them on Monday and this was a Tuesday).  Her mom had a serious apprehension in her voice as she graciously accepted my call being a day late because of D's illness.  But I knew that all she could think about was that I was about to either make her the happiest future mommy or a devastated hopeful parent still wondering how their family would be built.

When I uttered the words that BF and I had chosen them to be parents for our child she almost came through the phone.  She said that when we didn't call on Monday they had prepared themselves for the fact that we must not have chosen them since up to that point we had always followed through when we told them we would.

I remember her excitement continue to rise as it started to sink in and she said "I have to call (my husband)!  I am going to get ahold of his principal because I have to tell him right now even if he is teaching!  I have to tell him right now!  He is going to be so excited!"

It is amazing how it brings a smile to my face even as I type that right now.  The unbelievable joy in her voice.  The way the words that I had just spoken had given her a hope that she had not had for years.

Two years ago today.


m&msmommy said...

It's crazy how just reading those last few sentences of your post brought such a huge smile to my face, thinking about how absolutely, unbelieveably, amazingly happy that ONE phone call made Brit's parents! :) I can't even imagine the level of joy that brought them.

Thank you for sharing the anniversary of such a special day. I know you pray, two years later, that things were different (and I pray too! :)), but it speaks so highly to the amazing person you are, for taking time to acknowledge this day, and the happiness you brought to someone elses life. You are amazing! :)

Amber said...

What a beautiful post. You are my hero. :)

On Loan From Heaven said...

Oh Lisa.

Two years ago today... for us, three.

The best day of our lives and (one of) the hardest of your's.


I know God had us 'meet' for a reason and I'm so anxious to see what He has planned for us.... and for you.


I don't know what to say.

BUT... I remember that call three years ago for us. I remember the feelings that I just know Britt's mom felt. I wish so so badly that she would remember this day for the rest of her life... and one day let you share it with her.

I wonder, does she remember today? Is it on her calendar like it's on yours? Why can't she share this with you?

I'm sorry :-(

You deserve for them to share this day with you... at the very least.

All I know is that one day you will be able to share your timeline and your memories with Britt... openly and comfortably and on the most perfect terms you can imagine.

I hope it's sooner than later... but I also know that the only people responsible for making it 'sooner' are her parents.

I'm praying for them tonight. I'm praying that they're remembering 'today'... and that God is working on their hearts and keeping you, their sweet baby's first Mama, in their hearts and minds.

I know you're on mine.