Thursday, September 8, 2011

My boys are pretty cool

I rarely talk about my boys here on this adoption themed blog.  But I think it is important to occasionally mention the kids that I am parenting.  The boys who are my entire world.  They consume 90% of my time and attention and to be quite honest, I think they are each pretty great kids.

My oldest just started his EMT classes at our local community college.  He seems to love the classes.  I know it is much easier to engage in classes when you can see the real life application.  I hope this is the beginning of a career path for him. 

Originally he wanted to be a paramedic, but lately has changed to criminal justice with the idea of being a police officer.  I think he is too tenderhearted to be a cop, but maybe that will be an asset to him.  I'm not too worried about it since his career ideas change from month to month. 

He also went on a mission trip this summer and came back and was convinced he was going into full time ministry.  I believe that there is plenty of time for him to really figure out what he wants to do.  He is an 18 year old boy.  I figure he will flail around for a few more years before he grows up.  Please Dear Lord, help me live with his lazy ways until that happens!

J and his friends in the Bahamas for their mission trip.  Must have been a church day since they are all dressed up.
J and a girl he met in the Bahamas when he was running VBS for kids there.

Here is a picture of J with one of his best friends.  They have gone to church together for about 15 years.  I hope they have a lifetime friendship.  She is a great girl!
Now my middle boy, sweet LanMan.  He had hernia surgery about a month ago and he is healing very well.  However, that means he can't play fall sports.  While it could have been tragedy for a child who is a sports superstar, it wasn't. He is loving the down time he now has in the evenings.  I am also happy to report that his adjustment to middle school has been fabulous.  He loves it and is ready to head to school every morning.  Which is an answer to prayer considering how last year started.

LanMan and our new puppy Grizzly

LanMan before hernia surgery

LanMan doing his favorite thing - fishing.
That leaves my adorable little D.  He is the one child that demands 90% of my parenting energy.  And yet he is the child who has the most life in him.  He lives life without limits.  Which will make him a great adult.  If we can just get him there.  He is small for his age, but cuter than cute.  He is a natural born leader.  He is 10 going on 17.  And if you were to watch him in action with the ladies, you would find he is often working the 14-16 year old girls crowd at any event we attend.  He definitely has mojo and knows how to use it.  Evidenced by the middle school cheerleader loving on him at a Jr Football game.  :Sigh:  Love that kid.  But he wears me out!

D getting a little cheerleader lovin'

First day of 5th grade - marching to the beat of his own drummer

D being the cool kid on the first day of class
Yes, my days are filled with fun and excitement.  And unlike how it comes across here on my blog, I don't miss out on the joy of parenting the boys (most of the time).  They demand my attention, and that's not a bad thing.

Love these kiddos!

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Love it! Sounds like you have some amazing boys!!!!