Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blogger frustration

I have two Blogger frustrations that I am hoping someone can help me with...

  1. Why can't I comment on some of your blogs?  This has been going on for some time now and it makes me CRAZY(er)!  I can't even comment on my OWN blog.  Seriously.
  2. Does Blogger have any feature that allows me to password protect only individual posts, and not my entire blog?
OK, I feel better just getting that out there.

Your comments would be much appreciated.  (Assuming you can even comment...)


birthmothertalks said...

I have heard of others having trouble comment on my private blog and I believed once I removed the moderation feature on it the problem went away.
Blogger doesn't have password protected posts. I believe word press does but I just didn't like their set up for some reason.I maintain a private blog for the things that I really want to keep more private to those that I choose to read. I find the only problem and it's not a major one with wordpress talking about passwords is that they can be hard to remember. I hope you can get this and it was of some help.

Anonymous said...

So what I've noticed on blogger is there are many times where I have to submit a comment about ten times for it to finally go through. I just keep hitting post comment and it usually finally goes through...I think it has to do with verifying my user, the error message that comes up is unreadable so I haven't totally figured out the problem, but if I just keep trying it always works in the end. (this one I submitted four times, hopefully the fifth time will work)

Wordpress does offer password protect per post, blogger does not. One of the reasons I am over at wordpress.

MariAnell said...

Are you having problems posting on the blogs that have the word verification stuff that is supposed to prevent spammers? Or just on blogs in general? Just curious. I don't comment very often, but I haven't run across this problem on any of my friends blogs.

It would definitely make me crazy, too, if I had something to say and then it didn't even work.

MommySquared said...

I've changed my settings based on some of the comments above and wonder if that will help?