Friday, May 13, 2011


With Blogger being down, I wasn't able to get back online and post that I was doing better. But thankfully the sadness wasn't too long lived. A big thank you to all of those who sent me words of encouragement.

The real reason I was able to push through (not that the words of encouragement weren't helpful, because they were) was that my day at work got hectic. Which apparently was exactly what I needed on a day that I was having a pity party.

I was forced to pull on my big girl panties and move on.  I wouldn't say I got happy, but I definitely got distracted.  Funny how that helps.

Then yesterday, in God's divine intervention, Brit's mom emailed a thank you for the mother's day card.  Funny how simple words from her can be the salve I need for my heart.  No big conversation, just a simple acknowledgement.

To my adoptive parent friends, I hope you realize how much power every interaction from you has over our birthmother emotions.  I see it time and time again on birthmom blogs.  We wait in angst for an email, phone call, text or letter.  Our minds wander to conclusions that are far from the truth.  Then we get the communication, and all is well for a while.

Thank you to all of you who are sensitive to this fact and make an effort to continue communication even when it is a hassle.  It means the world to us who are watching and waiting from the outside.

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