Monday, February 14, 2011

What not to say...

The boys and I got a Valentine's card for Brit yesterday.  Last night we each took turns writing in the card. 

L was the first and he looked at me and said "I wish I could write, I hope to see you soon."  I told him that isn't something we can write in a card to her, because it might hurt her mommy's feelings.  He understood.

Then D got the card and asked "Can I write, You're the best sister?"  L told him that Brit probably doesn't even know that she has brothers yet.  I told him that it would probably be better if he just wrote "You're the best!"  He thought that would be OK.  He then proceeded to draw a girl superhero portrait on the blank page of the card.  It was adorable.

Someday I hope that we won't have to edit what we say.  But I am so glad that at least we can send cards. 

Hopefully Brit's mom will save them so Brit can read them when she is older and she will understand that we were always thinking about her.

Because we always think about her.

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