Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The community rallies

I have been completely out of the blog world for the past week. After the big Extreme Makeover Home Edition announcement last Thursday, my life has been on warp speed. I work during the day at my real job,then head to the build site for my second "job". I spent 14-16 hours per day at the build site on Saturday and Sunday. And as tired as I am, I can't wait to go back every day.

Here is a quick snippet that will tell you about the recipient, Carl Hall, and his family. It was done before his family was chosen as an Extreme Makeover project.

Former Wichita State Baseball Player Carl Hall adjusts to new life

I have spent the last week getting to know his parents, in-laws and especially his siblings (there are 12 kids!!!). Every person should have a family that rallies around them like the Hall family has done for Carl. It amazes me by the ways and numbers of people who are irrationally committed to helping him and his family.

It is unfortunate that often takes personal tragedy to realize how many people care for us. But fortunately, it is in moments of tragedy that we need others the most.

Now back to work for me! I have to get things done before I head back to the build site.

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