Friday, August 12, 2011

Sometimes words you hear keep you from being able to breathe

I have met someone new.  He doesn't live here.  So we are spending alot of time getting to know each other on the phone.  Which is kinda nice.  We met and spent a day together at an event, but he left that night and I have not seen him since.

He finally asked me the other day to explain to him why I said I have had 4 children but I only talk about 3 of them.

I told him about Brit.  I did really well.  I didn't cry (or at least not so he could hear).

The first words out of his mouth were "I sure wish I would have known you then.  I would love to have a child (he is 42 without kids of his own).  Is there any way you can get her back?"

And my immediate response without thinking was "If I could have, I would have done it days after I signed the papers."

He gently replied to me "That is just so sad.  I feel awful for you."


But on a happy note, this is the first time I have told someone I might have a relationship with about my adoption and it went well.


~Katie said...

Yaaa for you! That's exciting!

Wsbirthmom said...

So glad to hear this. I am SOOOOO afraid to share this event that has changed me with anyone that I may meet. It's that forgiveness thing....
Maybe I'll just be single until W is old enough to tell me that he accepts my decision, and loves me regardless of it.
Seems the best option at this point, at least it's the easiest, but it won't get me what I want the most.

On Loan From Heaven said...

Praying for you and for this 'unspoken', which I typially don't like but I guess you're allowed... just this once ;-)